• Tour & Fun Dive

    7 Person 6 Person 5 Person 4 Person 3 Person 2 Person Hostelry
    Rp. 1.730K/Person Rp. 1.800K/Person Rp. 1.850K/Person Rp. 1.995K/Person Rp. 2.180K/Person Rp. 2.690K/Person Freddies Santai Sumurtiga, Rivan Guest House, Erick Green House Bungalow, Montana Hotel, Malini Bungalow, Star Bungalow, Fina 1 dan Fina 2 Bungalow

    Harga untuk yang sudah memiliki Diving License(2x DIVE).
    Intro 1X Dive
    Rp. 500 K/Person Rp. 350 K/Person

    1. Shuttle from Airport or Terminal to Ulee Lheue Port, Banda Aceh
    2. Fast ship ticket to Sabang (return)
    3. Cars and fuel
    4. Driver and Tour Guide
    5. Hostelry (Note: Discounted prices without Hostelry)
    6. Breakfast
    7. Speedboat ticket to Rubiah Island (round trip)
    8. Full set of Snorkeling Equipment
    9. Snorkeling Guide
    10. Underwater Camera(Gopro)
    11. Entrance Ticket to Attraction
    12. First aid kit
    13. Bonus Documentation with Drones (Limited)
    1. Food
    2. Insurance
    3. Transportation from home to Banda Aceh
    4. Personal expenses
    5. Porter
    - I Love Sabang Park
    - Aneuk laot Lake
    - Sabang Fair
    - Sumur Tiga Beach
    - Japanese Fort
    - Iboih Beach
    - Gua Sarang
    - Rubiah Island
    - Zero Kilometer Monument of Indonesia
    - Pasir Putih Beach
    - GT Peak
    1. Prices can change at any time.
    2. A minimum down payment of 50% of the price of the package, payment can be made after arriving, during leisure time.
    3. Advances that have been paid cannot be returned if there is a one-sided cancellation.
    4. In a state of force majeure / forced / unresolved due to natural disasters, riots, tense atmosphere, etc., the itinerary can be changed both in terms of its structure and schedule without prior notice, for the benefit and security of all participants. In this case we are not responsible for the refund or the money that has been paid, including at an additional cost.

    * Schedule can be customized as desired by agreement
    ** Additional meal fee per person IDR 410K (minimum for 4 people)
    *** Personal